05 July, 2021

Appointing an Executor: Who Will You Choose?

When appointing an executor for your estate, the person who first comes to mind won’t necessarily become your final choice....

11 June, 2021 Estate planning

The Importance of Estate Planning: What, why, who, and how explained

Estate planning is all about protecting your loved ones by planning a smooth transfer of your assets to your heirs. It’s about giving you peace of mind...

31 May, 2021

Protecting Your Children From ‘Affluenza’ | IPC Wealth

Imagine an affluent couple whose wealth is self-made after decades of hard work and disciplined financial planning. They have a child who’s 18. Now, the couple is giving serious thought to the handing down of wealth....

14 May, 2021

Are Your Heirs in the Dark? | Planning Heirs Financial Future

A lack of communication between parents and children may be leaving inheritors are in the dark about their financial future and many benefactors risk not having their wishes carried out as planned....

06 May, 2021 Portfolio Management Retirement

Why Evolve Your Financial Plan as Your Wealth Increases

For many people saving for retirement, their financial life often looks something like a portfolio that consists of traditional investments, generally fixed income and equities; estate planning involves drafting a will and naming an executor; or....

30 April, 2021

Understanding Your Investment Performance

Timing can be everything, especially in investing, and the timing and size of deposits and withdrawals can also influence your investment outcomes....

08 April, 2021

12 Key Questions Every Retiree Must Answer

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15 March, 2021 Estate planning

Estate Planning: Transferring Your Estate

Estate Planning: Transferring Your Estate reviews the final steps of estate planning regarding the actual transfer of your estate to your heirs and beneficiaries....

15 March, 2021 Estate planning

Estate Planning: Protecting Your Heirs and Beneficiaries

Estate Planning: Protecting Your Heirs and Beneficiaries highlights how to protect, build, and preserve your assets, so your loved ones will receive the legacy you intend to leave them....

15 March, 2021 Estate planning

Estate Planning: First Steps

Estate Planning: First Steps introduces the key reasons why everyone should have an estate plan. Whether your assets are big or small, everyone can benefit from a formalized estate plan....